Just 60 minutes away from Central London is the illustrious Bicester Village, a charming hub of British and International fashion boutiques. Just on the outskirts of Bicester, it is a lovely area bordered with green spaces, containing inviting storefronts and professionally structured and maintained walkways with foliage and open seating areas.

There is a children’s play area as well as many eating establishments with many choices of cuisine, making this resort a perfect day out for families. Bicester Village is home to all your favourite fashion brands, from Armani to Versace, and provides excellent lines in clothing, jewellery, bags and accessories.

While browsing the many prestigious outlets, you can also make use of the free Wi-Fi to look up details and find your way around with the Bicester Village App. The staff are attentive, friendly and always ready to help if you need more information. You can shop and look around all day, it’s an entirely unique shopping experience with hands-free shopping (The boutique assistants will pack and store your purchases so that you can collect them at your leisure). You can drop off your luggage as well and the village offers valet parking.

Along with these perks, there is the option of a buying a gift card to get as much as 60% off purchases in various stores. At MStay, we know a good deal and quality services, so we have partnered with Bicester Village and added our nearest hotels to their VIP programme. If you stay at MStay’s Haverstock Hotel, then you can receive a VIP invitation to get an additional 10% off.

The invitation has a unique QR code on the back, allowing you to get top of the line fashion brands while you stay at MStay in style. Prizes go to the hotels based on how many customers are referred by them, so we want you to make the most of this deal and have a good time while in London. Book with us to get access to the best deals in London, so that you can have a quality time without the hassle.

Haverstock Hotel

Haverstock Hotel is around two hours away from Bicester Village, but it’s worth the extra distance to stay there. The hotel is a restored public house with a modern feel and minimalistic design. Located near Hampstead, there’s a wealth of attractions on our doorstep including Hampstead Heath.

Make a reservation at Haverstock Hotel and you’ll get a VIP ticket to get 10% off purchases at Bicester Village. Not only that, but you’ll also get 10% off your stay when you book with the code MSTAY.